on the cusp of the moon

Sitting in my living room, beginning (hopefully) a relaxing weekend, which followed an intensely busy one, I am watching my StL RedBirds play the Braves in the one-off Wildcard series. I am tidying up some music-business stuff (as in, prep the new album for release, which comes with a lot of this-and-that's (like copyright, royalty stuff, getting it pressed) ... anyway ... I'm pretty sure I just wrote a new song. Yes, within the calming mix of relaxing and decompression, a simple yet lovely diddy came across my fretboard & voice. Isn't that what always happens? Well, honestly, I don't know. But just now, yes it did. What do I do with the song? Try and hurry up and record it? Hesitancy brews there, as this album has continually been pushed back (in a stance on not compromising anything). So ... I don't know. I just don't know. We shall see. Either way, new album soon!

Oh, and I early voted today. In Ohio. Big deal.

Until then,



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