risking rejection, because it just means so much

Risking the financial loss, rejection, and general ambiguities of releasing one's own album are, indeed, terrifying. Still, when the fire in one's heart calls out, not opening to it also exists as a grand risk. As of this writing, my album has been floating about for ... hmm ... 2 months. Surprise washes over me just now as typed that: "2 months!? Is that all?" Sincerely, it feels as though I have been self-promoting (which is a horribly gradual, creep bit-by-bit process) for a year.

So, what is the verdict? Too soon to tell. But some highlights:

- On all major sites and retailers (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify,, bunches more)

- Heavy airplay on (a Pandora-esque page that boasts tons of International listeners), Regular plays on, Spotify

- Featured 2 weeks running on a Californian indie station, New Jersey rock/indie format station has added 3 songs to their general playlist, Multiple podcasts/stations (Florida, Kentucky...)

- Included in numerous sync-licensing firms roster

And generally awaiting responses from 8,000 other places. Oddly enough, while I expected a recovery/need-a-break period following the release, the guitar and melodies have been calling me back. That is, I am actively writing, although not with any urgency just yet. Still, know it is happening, and I will only release an album of which I am proud. Love you all for listening.

Until then,




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